Carpet Cleaning Dirty Tricks Exposed in Clarksville, Md


“Carpet CleanersDirty Tricks Exposed”

A Former Certified And Licensed Carpet Cleaner Spills The Beans On The Entire Carpet Cleaning Industry And Has Every Crooked Carpet Cleaner Foaming At The Mouth With Rage...For the first time ever the truth is revealed.This  carpet cleaner who has over 20 years experience as a certified and licensed carpet cleaner is giving you the inside scoop of the carpet cleaners top dirty tricks and how to avoid them while showing you how to hire a true professional without risking one single dime and save you money at the same time.

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Here’s Their Top Dirty Tricks
1. You are quoted a cheap price. Sometimes 2, 3 or even up to 10 times cheaper than other carpet cleaners. This is the most common dirty trick. They quote you low but bump the price up later. It’s called bait and switch. In some countries it’s illegal. It’s where you’re quoted one price over the phone but when the technician arrives and completes the work you end up paying much more for the carpet cleaning and the things that should have been included in the first place.
2. You specifically asked for a certified and licensed trained professionals. But when they arrived at your home and if you remembered to ask they didn’t have any proof that they were accredited apart from saying so. A true professional will always carry or be able to prove to you they are licensed technicians. Would you hire an un certified electrician? Are your carpets just as expensive as your electrical work? If you think about it they are most likely even more expensive.
3. Did you ask if they have some kind of written Guarantee and can you see it? Most of these con artists will tell you all the stuff you want to hear over the phone but when they arrive at your home they will typically have nothing. A good, honest and reputable carpet cleaner will always be associated with some kind of Written Guarantee. If you get something you were not expecting to pay for then why should you pay for it? If you were told your new Mercedes Bens was going to be a Mercedes Bens but when it arrived it was a Ford or a Holden, would you pay for it and not bother?
4. Do they use portables or a truck mount? Insist on a good quality truck mount to be used. This is a good one especially now as even truck mount machines are so different in the quality of their performance. The truth is just like anything else…most often if something requires a larger investment it usually will be a much better asset. Some of the larger and newer truck mounts (valued at around $50,000) will out perform their smaller and older brothers by a staggering amount. A portable can never come close to a good truck mount. It’s like trying to compare a push bike to a super bike on the race track…there is just no comparison. The carpet cleaner will try and trick you into believing the portable or small truck mount is just as good but it just is NOT.
5. It’s not unusual for a carpet cleaner to lie to you on the phone and then again in your home. Unfortunately this industry has its fair share of bad apples as I call it and unless you have the guidance of an industry professional or you are experienced in this field you just could never know until it’s too late.
So Here’s Two Solutions: The sometimes difficult & hard way: You can start dialling the phone and try to hire someone honest…Use the five techniques I recommend at the beginning of my web site and that will help guide you in the right direction. Remember to ask and see their credentials in writing. Most won’t have them and give you some lame excuse. I hope you will be too smart to fall for that. Lastly be sure to see a solid guarantee in writing…this is always a challenge for any less then honest carpet cleaner.
OrThe easy way: Call me and I’ll personally get you…a certified and licensed owner-operator who is a true industry professional, a solid quote over the phone and my special 100% money back if you're not happy with their 1443-277-7265When you call and book before our special bonus runs out I'll also include a special $50 discount voucher to use with your booking. Only available for a limited time.
The Single Most Common ReasonPeople Dread Hiring a Carpet Cleaner is

The horror stories are true. Most carpet cleaners do NOT know what they’re doing. They use the wrong chemical, they saturate your carpet, they cause discoloration and you get an awful job. And they cause thousands and thousands of dollars damage, all the time. Then just try to get them back; they avoid you like the plague just like the rest of their victims. All because you innocently tried to save $50 or $100. Yes this does happen...all the time. If the price is cheap, there will ALWAYS be a reason.Here is the top secret and hidden information that most carpet cleaners DON'T want you to know. Read it now in the Free Consumer Warning before you hire any cleaner. Also see what Choice Magazine had to say about hiring a carpet cleaner.