Carpet Protection in Baltimore, Md


There are steps you can take to 
help extend the life 
of your carpet.

Baltimore, Md Carpet Protection

Since late 1986, the carpet industry has undergone a drastic change in carpet fibers. The introduction of Stain Resistant carpeting by DuPont,Allied Fibers, and Monsanto brought about a slightly different approach to cleaning and spot removal in order to maintain the warranty. In recent times, manufacturers of carpet, including Mohawk Industries, Inc. andShaw Industries, Inc., have produced different methods of protecting carpet fibers. Stain resistant protectants are applied to carpet fibers during the manufacturing process and again during the dying process. Another type of protectant is a soil release finish applied to carpet fibers to prevent soils from bonding with the fibers. Vacuuming and cleaning processes can more easily remove soils from fibers with a soil release finish; however, some finishes only protect against water soluble soils, and not against oily soils.

Most manufacturers will admit that factory applied protection will wear off in 3-5 years and suggest a quality protector be re-applied.

If you discover a spot or stain on your carpet, consider the help that the carpet manufacturer might offer you. Manufacturers often provide a "help" number with the warranty. Sometimes a spot can be removed simply with a clean white towel and water. Still, you should consult the "help" number before you attempt to remove a spot, in case your spot is not easy to remove.

If the spot removal method the manufacturer recommends does not work, they may recommend a professional cleaner in your area. Superior Steam Cleaners has been approved by all carpet fiber manufacturers and are well-trained in removal of spots and retreatment of the stain resistant product to the affected area. or 443-277-7265