Carpet cleaning in Ellicott City, MD Is not a one size fits all service

Carpet Cleaning In Ellicott City, MD Is Not A One Size Fits All Service

We have been in the service business of keeping people’s carpets clean for twenty years. Some people believe that if they consistently vacuum their carpets that will be enough to keep them clean. The reality is that even with weekly or more often vacuuming, there will always be some dirt that will get ground into the carpet fibers. A professional carpet cleaner is also the person to call to quickly deal with pet messes before they become permanent stains.

Before we clean any carpet, we assess what kind of cleaning process is best for the homeowner’s type of carpeting, traffic and if they have pets. Not all people have the same carpet cleaning Ellicott City, MD requirements. There are definite advantages to having your carpet professionally cleaned. First of all, carpet cleaning in Ellicott City, MD will eliminate trapped pollutants, such as; pet dander, lead, dirt and dust. Dust mites and mold growth can be curtailed by using any one of four basic methods of carpet cleaning.

Each homeowner is presented with the options, and then a regular carpeting cleaning schedule is set up. If they only want their carpets cleaned for a special event, or due to a particular stain they need removed, we can work with this scenario as well. The customer is in charge of what cleaning we do; absolutely we do not employ a “hard sell” approach to getting or keeping business.

There are three basic methods we offer our customers to clean their carpets: The steam cleaning method, the carpet shampooing method and the Carpet dry cleaning method. Except for the carpet dry cleaning, all use water, and take varying amounts of time to completely dry. The choice of which method to use is up to the homeowner, after we outlines the pros and cons of each method for their particular carpeting situation.

Carpet Cleaning In Ellicott City, MD Is Not A One Size Fits All Service

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