Furniture Care in Severna Park, Md


Furniture Care

Proper care means longer wear. Educating consumers on upholstered furniture and the methods recommended for cleaning them will make it easier to keep furniture looking beautiful. Basically, all fabrics are cleanable if the fabric does not shrink and the colors do not bleed. Because of the multitude of fabrics used in upholstering, you can assume they are not guaranteed against wear, shrinkage, and fading unless specifically tagged by the manufacturer and/or your local merchant. Zippers on cushions are not necessarily indications that covers can be removed to launder or dry clean.

To prevent shrinkage, it is highly recommended that covers never be removed. Instead, they should be cleaned in the same manner as the rest of the upholstery. Zippers are installed to save you dollars in maintenance and labor costs on cushion repair as is necessary from time to time.

Professional Furniture Cleaning

Dry cleaning of furniture is the safest method if you are in doubt about affecting the fabric.  By using this method of cleaning, shrinkage and color bleeding will not be a problem. Dry cleaning is the best method of cleaning antique velvet, glazed chintz, and some of the delicate silks and satins.

Dry cleaning, while a safe alternative, is not always the safest method.Proper knowledge of fiber care and identification is the key to safe cleaning. It also has limit cleaning ability and health issues to consider..

 The best method for an upholstery cleaning situation depends on the type of upholstery, type of fibers, age and condition of the piece, how the upholstery is soiled, the type of soil, and other factors including your own needs as an upholstery owner.

When professional cleaning of furniture, carpets or draperies is being done, always make certain the work is being performed to specifications on your furnishings’ warranties. Take the time to read your warranty and ask questions about what is going to take place. 

Day-to-Day Care

To keep your upholstered furniture clean and looking its best at all times, weekly vacuuming is important—especially on the cushions. Routine vacuuming will prolong the life of the fabric as well as extend the time between professional cleanings.

If at all possible, keep furniture out of direct rays of sunlight. Sunlight will brake down olefin and polyester fibers. Silk brakes down with perspiration  The ultraviolet rays of direct sun will fade any fabric. Never brush fabric with a stiff fiber or steel brush since they will have a tendency to distort the fabric. If cushions are reversible, reverse them each week when vacuuming the cushions.

Upholstery spotting must always be done with caution. Pretest the product you use in an inconspicuous place on the back of the furniture to make certain there will be no damage.  Be sure to pretest