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Consumer Information Report

“Green” Cleaning Process for Carpets

Thanks for your interest in Superior Steam Cleaners safe carpet cleaning process. I hope this special report helps you learn more about our program for the safe carpet cleaning process we have used to get the carpets of hundreds of satisfied clients in the area the cleanest they’ve ever seen!

Green cleaning means we use very small amounts of environmentally safe cleaning solutions. In fact our carpet cleaning solutions are gentler than your laundry detergent and we use LESS of our products to clean all the carpets in your entire home than the laundry soap you use to clean just one load of clothes!

Because we remove 93% or more of all the water used in the cleaning process, the amount of any cleaning solution left behind is so marginal that for practical purposes is does not exist.

For example. We use about one cup of solution concentrate to clean 1500 sq. feet of carpet with 120 gallons of water. 93% of that water is extracted . That means 8.4 gallons is left to evaporate out of the entire area (about ¾ oz/sq. ft).

The cleaning solution residue is about 1/1,200 of an ounce per sq. ft. This is such a small amount it’s imperceptible.

You can also have a clear water rinse using absolutely no cleaning solutions…it means that the results may not be as obvious, but our hot water extraction unit can achieve very good results with NO cleaning solutions at all. In either case…

“I guarantee you’ll be AMAZED when you see the results for yourself.”

At the end of this report, you’ll find our cleaning packages information along with a pricing chart. I’ve also thrown in a couple special coupons to entice you to give us a try. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or one of my staff at any time. You may also listen to our FREE 24 hour consumer information hotline by calling 1-888-220-2648 (x8600)


The term "High-Volume Extraction" refers to a unique carpet cleaning process that utilizes both a high flow of water volume, heat, and air volume (vacuum) to remove a large volume of soil without leaving any detergent residue.

This represents a breakthrough in carpet cleaning technology. Superior Steam Cleaners integrates this new “High Volume” extraction technology into every carpet cleaning jobs.
HOW IT WORKS: High Volume Extraction utilizes more water than other professional systems to truly deep clean to the base of the carpet fiber. We then quickly recover 94% of the dirty water with a super-powerful vacuum system, leaving the carpet residue free and super-clean!
MORE WATER = BETTER! Water flow is THE most critical factor in removing suspended soil from the carpet.
Think about going into the shower and sudsing up your hair with a rich lather of shampoo. Now imagine rinsing it with a quart of water.

It’s tough to get all the shampoo out, right? Now pour 5 gallons over your head! Which one is going to leave your hair cleaner? Of course rinsing with 5 gallons!

It’s the same idea with your carpets. The more water that’s used to rinse under controlled conditions, the cleaner your carpets will be!

Carpeting & FLOOR COVERINGS ARE among the largest investments of any home or businessHigh Volume Extraction removes more soil than other systems because it uses super-heated 220° water flowing quickly under intense pressure to flush away dirt. Then a powerful vacuum system recovers 94% of the water. Many commercial cleaning machines only recover 40-50%; this leaves your carpets too wet or they just spread the dirt around.

Here are some interesting facts
It is surprising that carpet cleaning often is poorly planned and assigned to inexperienced individuals. Janitors or weekend carpet cleaners usually do NOT have any formal training or industry certifications to clean your carpets. At Superior Steam Cleaners our technicians strive to further their education by attending industry certification schools.

You would not allow a weekend dentist with mail order credentials work on your teeth, right? Same thing.

Too often purchasers of carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals buy the lowest priced products. This means that your carpets could be subjected to rapid resoiling, color changes, and fiber deterioration or delamination. This leads to premature wear, damage, and replacement.

Another important factor is your home’s Indoor air Quality. The use of the best available cleaning solutions and equipment, along with trained, knowledgeable technicians is essential to doing a satisfactory job.


Superior Steam Cleaners offers several carpet cleaning package options for your consideration. Decide which package best suits your needs and budget.


STEP 1 Prevacuuming:

Carpet is really a gigantic air filtration system. It traps the soils tracked in by humans and pets, as well as minute particles of dust, mold spores, small insects and other microscopic matter that circulate through the air.

As a result, 70% to 80% of soil in carpet is comprised of particulate matter, such as dust, sand, carbon, human and animal hair, and flakes of skin.

These soils are not dissolved by water or carpet cleaning chemicals, and are best removed through dry vacuuming.

IF dry soils are not removed prior to wet cleaning, they will hamper the effectiveness of the cleaning process. Therefore, vacuuming is an important first step in the carpet cleaning process.
DUST MITES (left) are members the spider family and their presence in your home can spell health problems for you and your family. People with asthma and dust allergies are dramatically affected by dust mites and their feces.

Dust mites multiply rapidly and infest your carpets, mattresses, and furniture when proper cleaning is neglected. Dust mite’s fecal pellets are very light and they float in the air where they can get inhaled deep into your lungs. This is where the adverse allergic reaction occurs.

We now offer a special dust mite treatment that is designed to effectively control dust mite infestation in your carpets, mattresses, and furniture. It’s guaranteed to make a difference!
Vacuuming frequently between cleanings is also the best way to lengthen carpet life and maintain high levels of appearance.

Dust mites are an annoyance and health
hazard in most homes.

If you have known chemical allergies please let us know. We have a special group of products that are hypoallergenic. We can also clean with clear water to remove soil.

STEP 2 Removal of spots
Some spots will come out during the extraction cleaning process, but often reappear, within a few hours to a few days, as the result of "wicking" (water and dirt rising to the surface) that occurs during the drying process.

This is because the spot was not properly removed. We remove spots properly after vacuuming and before cleaning. It is a good idea to remove spots as soon as they appear, even before the area is scheduled for cleaning. The sooner spots are removed, the easier they are to remove and the less likely they are to cause permanent appearance problems.

Some carpets are damaged severely from pet urine stains. These stains are usually removable! We offer a special process for effective pet stain removal – it’s very thorough and we have a free report on the entire process! Please call to request our pet stain & odor removal report for more information. Call 443-277-7265 for your free copy.

STEP 3 Prespray Solution (Pre-conditioning your carpet)
ROTARY Jet Extraction

Five water jets spray very hot cleaning solution on the carpet under intense pressure while spinning on your carpet (see jet extractor tool Left).

Meanwhile five metal agitation bars mechanically remove soil from the fiber while a system sucks up the dirt-laden water. At 220°, the water is so hot the jet extractor literally “smokes”, leaving your carpets cleaner than ever!Pre-sprays loosen and suspend the greasy and oily soils that adhere to your carpet fibers. These are the soils that vacuuming does not remove. Such soils exist everywhere, but are more noticeable, due to their concentration, in high traffic areas, such as just inside doorways, in hallways, in front of furniture, etc.

These soils often are tracked in from asphalt, automotive oil in driveways and parking lots. In addition, many food and beverage spills fall in this category.

To allow the prespray to do its job, it should be agitated with a carpet groomer (brush) and allowed to dwell for 5 to 10 minutes to loosen and emulsify the soil. The process is similar to soaking dishes before washing them, in order to allow dried food to loosen.

STEP 4 MECHANICAL AGITATION For carpet needing restorative cleaning; a special rotary jet extraction machine is used to loosen deeply embedded soils (restorative cleaning). This additional agitation that offers spectacular results!

Rotary Jet Extraction Tool The jet extraction machine has 5 vacuum slots and 5 spray jets (see left) that spin, spray, and vacuum simultaneously on the carpet, producing tremendous deep-cleaning action. STEP 5 EXTRACTION: This is the process of spraying hot water into the carpet then extracting the dirty water, leaving your carpet fresh and clean.

Extraction is where the "rubber meets the road" (or, in this case, where the water meets the carpet).

We sometimes use a dual rotary jet extractor on smaller jobs. This machine has SIX jets and six scrub/extraction slots enclosed in a steam chamber. The heads spin faster than the large rotary extractor and can get into tighter areas. See the difference between a standard scrub wand and the dual rotary jet extractor!

The more soil and chemical residue left in the carpet the faster the carpet will re-soil.

The reason is that dust, dirt and other matter are attracted to residue like a magnet and adhere to it, quickly building up to re-soil the carpet.

If carpet starts to look dingy just a week or so after cleaning, it is likely that a considerable amount of soil-attracting residue was left in the carpet during the extraction process.

Lower quality chemicals also contribute to increased residue levels, another good reason to use an extractor with a higher Impact Rate and better flushing action to remove as much of that residue as possible.
STEP 6 CARPET PROTECTION: Most carpets have a stain/soil protection product applied at the mill.

However these protective coatings wear off and are cleaned off over the years and should be re-applied periodically to keep the protection level in tact.

We spray on our protective finish after the carpet’s been cleaned – it enhances the carpet’s ability to resist soil & stains, makes the vacuuming easier, and the carpet cleans up better the next time you require service.

Never have your carpets cleaned without requesting protector. It’s cheap insurance against spills, spots, & stains. In fact, we cannot truly warranty our cleaning over time without the application of our protective finish.

STEP 7 Drying: There are a number of reasons why it's desirable for carpet to dry quickly. When carpet takes too long to dry in a warm and humid environment, the possibility of mold and mildew growth becomes a concern.
Moisture in the carpet: The less moisture left in the carpet, the more quickly it will dry. Unfortunately, most extractor machines do not have vacuum systems that are strong or efficient enough to promote quick drying. This is primarily due to the distance the air and water must travel from the carpet to the recovery tank.

STEP 8 OPTIONAL RAPID DRYING To get your carpets dry as quickly as possible ventilate the area well with large fans (see left) and open windows when possible. In the winter, turn up the heat to 80° or so for few hours to accelerate dry times. YOUR OPTION: You can rent large “air movers” from us for $35/day for super-fast drying.
Air Mover Option Dries Carpets Fast!
If the area has air conditioning, it should be turned on as air conditioning removes moisture from the air, allowing moisture in the carpet to be released more quickly.

STEP 9 OPTIONAL FIBER BUFFING: Another way to get your carpets dryer faster is to remove surface moisture mechanically. Fiber buffing involves using a rotary floor machine (left) and absorbent dry pads (right).

The circular pad is spun across the carpet (buffing) with the machine to absorb surface moisture. This process reduces drying times dramatically. Fiber Buffing is especially valuable for deep restorative cleaning, as the carpet retains more moisture and takes longer to dry.

Fiber buffing is available as an extra-cost item. Add .10/sq ft to your cleaning cost for the fiber buff speed drying option.
STEP 10 GROOMING the final step is to brush groom your carpet’s pile to enhance drying, to work the protector into the fiber, and to remove machine marks. This service is included with every carpet cleaning service.

Sometimes the application of a deodorizer is necessary to sanitize the carpet and get rid of malodors.

Please call Superior Steam Cleaners business office between 7:30-4:00 pm Monday-Friday if you have any questions.