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How do you learn how to do something?  

If you have children, grandchildren or know someone who does, you know that no matter how many times you tell then not to stick their finger in a wall socket or touch a fire, most of them will do it. Most will never do it again after their first experience, they learned by trial and error that the experience was painful. 

In business, learning by trial and error is costly. Costly in attempting to correct the error, costly in loss of credibility, costly in replacing the damage and most costly of all loosing the customer and their friends/associates. Word of mouth advertising works both ways. 

To the right of this article are just a few of the knowledge base questions that a Professional Carpet Cleaner should know and be able to answer. The questions come from real world problems encountered by carpet cleaners who learned how to clean carpet by the trial and error method. They were trained how to do it, but their lack of knowledge cost them money. 

"Knowledge is power" and "knowledge is priceless", a small investment in knowing what and why (the "technical") before you perform the how saves you money in both the short term and the long run. 

With close to 30 years helping cleaners solve their problems all over the world, we speak from experience. You can have the best training available, know how to do it better than anyone else, but without the proper knowledge at some point in time a surface you clean will come back to bite you. 

Invest in knowledge now before you make a costly mistake.
Test your knowledge about carpet... 

Do you know the difference between carpet yellowing and carpet browning? 

What's the difference between a red "Kool Aid" stain and a red indicator dye stain? 

What triggers a latent stain to remove color from a carpet? 

Does wool shrink? 

Why does wool take longer to "dry" than Nylon? 

What causes a white carpet to turn blue? 

The answers and more can be found by attending our Carpet Cleaning Technician Class