Know your carpet in Baltimore, Md


Carpet is one of the most widely used floor covering in the country, and for good reason. It is beautiful, durable, 
and available in many different textures, styles and colors. As with all floor coverings, there are characteristics of 
carpet that you need to know. While most carpets have stain protection, no carpet is stain proof.
Seams can and will be visible. Seams will be more visible in a lighter colored carpet than in a darker one.
All carpet show tracks. We offer some textured carpets that track ―less‖, but not ―track proof‖.
Colors and shades do very from one dye lot to another.
Carpet will shed after installation for a period of time. This ―fuzz‖ is normal. The more frequently the 
carpet is vacuumed, the sooner the ―fuzzing‖ disappears.
Use an upright vacuum cleaner with a beater bar for routine cleaning (at least twice a week under normal 
use). Empty and/or replace bag when no more than 1/3 to 1/2 full.
Berber style carpet is a very popular carpet style. This ―loop‖ type product is similar to a foreign-made sports car 
in that it requires different care and maintenance and has characteristics specific  only to Berber carpets. It is 
longwearing and footprint resistant. Some of the characteristics are given below: 
Seams are more apparent with Berber carpet and will show color variation at seams. Because Berber 
carpet is constructed in ―loops‖, it does not ―bloom‖ and cover seams like traditional carpet.
Stains are more noticeable due to loop construction.
The backing of your carpet will show on stairs due to the row effect of your Berber. This is called ―smiling‖.
You will have a firmer feeling under foot. You will not experience a cushy, spongy feel.
Berber is not recommended for homeowners with indoor pets. Berber does snag easily and unravel. This 
is not a warrantable item.
You must raise the vacuum so that the beater and brushes do not come in contact with the carpet.
The ―lines‖ in your Berber will not ―line up‖ with the walls or other flooring surfaces in a perfectly 
perpendicular manner.
The industry has established realistic guidelines for tolerance levels. Please understand that the samples 
from which you are selecting are representative of, but not necessarily exactly, what will be installed in 
your home.
The perception of color, texture, patterns, etc., in a smaller sample may be different when the entire 
application is completed. For example, the color may be more or less intense, the texture more or less 
pronounced, and the shading more or less obvious. 
Manufacturers discontinue colors from time to time. If this occurs, you will be notified that a reselection is