Maintain your carpet's beauty - Home solutions for effective Baltimore, MD Carpet cleaning

Maintain Your Carpet’s Beauty - Home Solutions for Effective Baltimore, MD Carpet Cleaning

The best way to make sure that your carpet retains its lush beauty, comfort and durability for longer, would be by vacuuming it regularly to avoid soil from getting embedded in the carpet’s pile, and by getting it professionally cleaned by our expert technicians - every couple months or so.

Removing Common Stains from Your Carpets with Home Remedies To ensure long-lasting shine and beauty, another thing would be taking care of all spills and stains immediately. Since it would take some time for the Baltimore, MD carpet cleaning professionals to arrive, here are a DIY tricks which you can implement immediately.

1. Beer, Coffee, Wine and Tea Spills

Blot spills. Then by using a white vinegar solution soak the stain, and apply a generous amount of a detergent solution into the nasty spot. Blot and repeat the process until the stain disappears. Spray with tap water; rinse and blot and pat dry by applying pressure.

2. Blood, Ketchup, Cola, Chocolate, Cheese, Starch, Cough Syrup, Sauces, Toothpaste, Drinks (Mixed and Soft Variety - Both), White Glue Stains

Apply only cool fluids for removing all blood stains. Heated solutions will only aggravate it and embed it further. Blot the spill, then neutralize it with an ammonia solution. Soak the spot. Blot and repeat with a detergent solution like before, till the stain goes away.

Rinse with tap water, blot with paper towels and dry by pressing down on them with weights.

3. Mud and Dirt Spots

Once the mud is completely dry, scrub it off with a knife and vacuum the residue. For a dirt based spot, just dab on a detergent mix, and blot with a paper towel to work in the soap into the spot.

Repeat the dabbing and blotting process till the stain clears off.  Rinse and remove excess moisture by pressing on some paper towels.

You Still want to give us a call to take care of Baltimore, MD Carpet Cleaning needs, the tips listed above will just help until we get there.

Maintain Your Carpet’s Beauty - Home Solutions for Effective Baltimore, MD Carpet Cleaning

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