Preparing for a newborn Clarksville, Md


Preparing for a newborn

Starting a family can be a chaotic time in one's life. I know, I'm going through it right now myself. My wife being pregnant has brought out all of the parental emotions that I didn't know were hiding inside of me. I have been painting, decorating, repairing or replacing anything I think might improve the quality of life for my little one. With all of the costs and changes associated with having a child one most people don't think about is preparing their home for a person that has no defense against illness or disease. This process can be one of the easiest areas to over look but can have the largest effect on your childs introduction to your home. 

  The air quality in our homes effects us as adults via our sinuses, respritory function, headaches and even allergic reactions. We think little about it because we assume our house is full of "us" when infact it's full of  everything from the plants outside to the dirt from work and it's important to allow a child to develop immunities to these "x-factors" gradually. Carpeted floors are a huge factor in trapping polutants but replacement of things such as flooring isn't always needed. Often times a cleaning service followed by a chemical free sanitization treatment can provide you with an excellent starting point for your nursery and save you alot of money.

  The first step for many couples expecting a new addition is to select a room for the nursery and start transitioning it from the man cave to the babies room (at least that how it happened at my house). We would suggest starting with a flooring treatment followed by a sanitization treatment for any and all bedding, plush toys and padded seating.  These items can be purchased second hand and still be used with confidence after Superior Steam Cleaners services. Even if these items are purchsed new there is still a chance of viral & bacterial growth during manufacturing, transportation and installation of these items making cleaning before use a very good idea regardless of it's point of origin.

  Typically these services should be done about a week before your new arrival.  A hot water extraction should be used to clean the carpet . Any previous stains or pet deposits should recieve special attention. A similar service should be preformed on curtains, bedding and entertainment fixtures such as bouncy chairs, gyms and plush toys to ensure that your baby's environment is well prepared. Additional 
Service technicians inspect the areas before leaving to make sure that any potentially effected area has been noted and treated. This process helps Superior to ensure that your nursery is 100% safe for new life.

  Up keep is required as with any service. Additional services may be suggested or requested depending on conditions, pet types, locations and allergies. We also provide suggestions to help prolong the effects of all of our services as well as suggestions to improve your ability to properly maintain your nursery and your home.  
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