Question: I Was Told Once You Clean Your Carpets The Carpet Is Never The Same? in Columbia, Md



Someone told you once that after cleaning your carpets they are never the same, or you then have to clean them more often for them to stay clean.


Not True... It's an old myth we have heard hundreds of times. However there is some truth to that statement. Many people who use a soap or shampoo based cleaner may notice that there carpets get dirtier faster once they clean them. That again is due to the fact that the soap residue that is left behind from these types of cleaners attract dirt to the carpet and therefore the carpet does need to be cleaned more often to maintain its clean look. Using our products, you never have to worry about soapy residues, and therefore your carpets will not re-soil after the first cleaning.

We clean carpet using Green Solution that never leave a residue.