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How often should I clean my carpets?

There is much confusion about how often carpet should be cleaned. You have probably heard “wait as long as you can before you clean your carpet…” or “once you’ve cleaned your carpet, it is never the same…”. These widely circulated misconceptions have risen from unfortunate encounters with unprofessional cleaners who have left behind a sticky residue in your carpet. The residue becomes a “dirt magnet” causing your carpets to become very dirty, very quickly. The common assumption is that all carpet cleaners and methods are the same, so you wait until the is full of abrasive soil before you before you have the carpets cleaned. Now you have an unhealthy indoor environment and that abrasive soil is cutting away at your carpet fibers, and once they have been cut, you can not put them back together. Leaving this abrasive soil in your carpet will result in premature wear which decreases the life of your carpet. The truth of the matter is carpet that is professionally cleaned using a 12 step cleaning process including a neutralizing step (which means the cleaning solutions we used to clean your carpet is no longer in your carpet) you will be left with clean, healthy looking, sanitized carpet that will not re-soil quickly. This will also improve the quality of your indoor environment.
Major carpet manufacturers including Shaw, Mohawk, Dupont, etc require hot water extraction cleaning every 12 to 18 months to maintain the texture retention warranty. You can read more about independent studies on truck mounted steam cleaning and carpet warranties. In addition to extending the life of your carpet, cleaning your carpet, which is the biggest filter in your home, on a regular basis will improve your indoor air quality. A rule of thumb is carpets should be cleaned before they show any visible soil. If you smoke, have kids, pets, or allergies, you should clean more often.
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