Test Your Carpet I.Q. in Baltimore, Md


Test Your Carpet I.Q.


Here are 10 important True/False statements about carpet care and carpet cleaning. The correct answers will help you decide who you should trust to clean and protect one of the most valuable parts of your home.

Can you tell the difference between truth and advertising-hype ?

Q: Your carpets should never get wet, so dry cleaning is best. True or False?

A: False.

Dry cleaning companies tend to use this scare tactic. Major carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as the best way to maintain the carpet’s appearance and warranties. The trick is to make sure you hire a company like Fiber Care of Atlanta that extracts the majority of the hot water used in its cleaning, and guarantees completely dry carpets in about 6-8 hours of cleaning.

Q: All carpet cleaning services are the same. The lowest quoted price is the best choice. True or False?

A: False.

One of the major reasons the carpet cleaning industry suffers from an image problem is “bait-and-switch” companies that offer lowball prices or coupons, and then let you know of “add-on” charges after arriving. Superior provides detailed quotes and NO surprise charges. That’s why we say, “what we say is what you pay.”

Q: The main reason to clean carpets and upholstery is to remove visible dirt. True or False?

A: False.

While cleaning dirt is the most obvious benefit, professional carpet cleaning does so much more. Air contains pollens, fungus, bacteria, air pollution, cigarette smoke, car exhaust, and hundreds of chemicals. When you and your family members come into your home, you carry those pollens, bacteria, and chemicals in your hair and on your skin, clothing, and shoes, which end up in your carpet. If you have allergies, asthma, or other breathing problems, one source may be the pollens, fungi, and chemicals in your carpet. Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemical compounds, forty-three of which cause cancer. And even if you don’t smoke, those chemicals get on your shoes and clothes, you track them in your home, and you leave them on your carpet and upholstery. If you’re sensitive to cigarette smoke, you might find that you’ll breathe easier after you hire a company to get those smell and toxins out of your carpet and upholstery. In addition to getting rid of the dirt and stains, another important reason to clean your carpet won’t retain pollens, fungi, bacteria, chemicals, and tars or residue from tobacco smoke.

Q: Modern carpets will last years between cleanings. True or False?

A: False.

This was partially true “in the old days”. When carpets were shampooed, the detergents left in the carpet were “sticky”, attracting dirt more quickly. Modern steam cleaning techniques don’t leave residue or chemicals behind in the carpet fibers.

Q: Truck-mounted cleaning companies using portable in-home units provide equal quality results. True or False?

A: False.

A truck-mounted unit provides high heat and powerful suction, two key ingredients in the soil removal process. Portable equipment does not perform to the level of a truck-mounted unit.

Q: Home-shampooers and rental units will achieve similar results. True or False?

A: False.

Home carpet cleaners cannot provide either the necessary levels of hot water, nor the suction needed to adequately remove dirt, pollens and other pollutants from your carpet. While they may be adequate for short-term or spot cleaning, a professional cleaning service with hot steam and ample water and suction will do a far superior job.

Q: If a cleaning company says it is “certified”, it’s employees are too. True or False?

A: False.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certifies both companies and individual technicians. Some companies say they are certified, but can’t provide documentation. Other companies may be certified, but send out uncertified technicians. Make sure you ask for certificates.

Q: Reputable carpet cleaning companies can always give a price quote on the phone. True or False?

A: False.

We can give you a quote over the phone. Superior Steam Cleaners believes you’ll benefit more from a free on-site, no-obligation inspection. Our technician can identify specific cleaning challenges and give you a realistic estimate of time needed for cleaning.

Q: Advertising or “coupons” offering to clean an entire home for $99 is a great opportunity. True or False?

A: False.

The files of the Better Business Bureau are littered with complaints about companies offering “low-price” total-home offers, but “requiring” additional charges for extra chemicals or services. One tip-off phrase to look for: “heavily soiled carpet may require additional cleaning” or “cleaning method designed for regularly maintained carpets are usually indications that more costs will be involved for a thorough cleaning.”

Q: Service promises and “Money-back guarantees” as just advertising hype. True or False?

A: False.

In fact, most reputable companies offer guarentees and stand by them. If you are not satisfied, Superior will re-treat any area you question. If you’re still not satisfied with our level of service, we will refund your money.