Tips Do it Yourself Carpet Steam Cleaning in Baltimore, Md

Everyday I see carpets that let’s say, “Need some attention”. It is sad when I see good quality carpet, that I know if regularly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner, would have stayed looking like new for years. Instead the carpets are cleaned maybe every 3 years or so. When carpet is not cleaned regularly fibers are prone abrasion and distortion, indoor air quality suffers, the carpet’s warranty can be void, and more. The best way to protect the large investment in the carpet in your home is to practice proper carpet maintenance. Here is a great article written by Kimberly Janeway that has some great advice to keep carpet looking its best.

There are many good Do It Yourself carpet home steam cleaners available on the market today. Yes, I admit I own a professional Carpet cleaning company, but some of these carpet cleaners do a great job in certain circumstances. If you are going to do it yourself I would at least like to give a few pointers to help.

Here is a great article I found that explains the basic procedures to Do It Yourself  carpet steam cleaning.

If you are going to attempt to do your own carpet cleaning then I have a couple of pointers in addition to those mentioned in the article above.


  • Do not use more soap thean needed. As a general rule less is more with carpet cleaning.
  • Take extra steps to rinse the carpet thoroughly to get as much soap out as possible.
  • Make sure the cleaning solution you are using is safe for YOUR carpet.
  • Do not put wood or metal objects back on the carpet until it is completely dry!

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