Upholstery Cleaners in Baltimore, Md


Upholstery Cleaners in Baltimore, Md


Is your upholstery really clean? Take the test!
Is your upholstery really clean or does it just look clean? If you want to find out how much soil is actually on your upholstery that “looks” cleansimply take a white terry cloth towel and put it over the end of your vacuum attachment hose. Turn the vacuum on (be sure that you don’t let the vacuum suck up the towel). Gently massage the fabric with the cloth. You will have a round dark spot which is embedded soil in the fabric. Time to get your upholstery cleaned!

Upholstery Care Tips

*Vacuum! Most people never vacuum their furniture. Doing so will remove abrasive soil that build up on the surface and causes wear. Try to vacuum your upholstery once every two weeks.

*Rotate Most couch cushions are reversible but people seldom take advantage of this . Every two weeks when you vacuum your furniture, flip the cushions over. This will spread out the wear and make your furniture last much longer.

*Hair Removal If you have animals, get your self a set of rubber dish gloves. The dish gloves will make it easy to remove hair from your furniture. Simply put the gloves on and rub your hand over the fabric. You will see that the hair bunches up into clumps making it easier to pick up with your vacuum.

*Sun Protection Close your blinds during the day when you are not home. This will keep out the damaging sun rays. Intense sunlight can cause your furniture to fade. Closing the blinds will protect the bright color of your furnishings.

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