Upholstery Cleaning Baltimore - The importance of regular carpet cleaning and it's impact on health

Regular carpet cleaning is a vital part of home maintenance that must not be forgotten about. Regardless of regular vacuuming, carpets contain massive quantities of dirt, pollutants, remains coming from spills and germs that are traced into the house on your shoes. Having an expert carpet cleaning service to clean up your carpets must be a regular part of your property maintenance and cleaning tasks.


This is especially true when you have small kids inside your home. Because young kids and also babies spend lots of time sitting on the floor to play and tend to put things on their mouth keeping the carpets free from unhealthy germs is very important. Poor indoor carpet care could reveal you to fungi, toxins, bacteria and could be the reason for allergies and respiratory problems.


A number of government agencies have approximated that dirty carpets can hold up to 8 times their weight in toxins, dirt and fungi. There are numerous harmful bacteria found in dirty carpets; Norovirus - a virus that causes serious flu-like symptoms as well as stomach complications- could stay in your carpet for many months at this time, Kawasaki Syndrome is a fatal syndrome caused when people breathe in bacteria and chemicals coming from carpets which stick in their lungs. Salmonella is as well another potentially deadly virus that can survive in your carpet for months at a time.


Professional carpet cleaning services in Ellicott City, MD have the specialized tools to successfully deep clean the buildup of toxins on your carpets. Living areas and bedroom carpets are locations through which special attention should be paid as they tend to be the most used and have highest probability of spreading infections.


Every home owner must have all of their carpets professionally cleaned in Ellicott City, MD on a frequent basis so as to decrease or get rid of the chance of bacterial or viral infection because of dirty carpets. The whole world is a dangerous enough place, and your home should be a haven for you and your family, free of toxins and harmful ailments.


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