Upholstery cleaning in Baltimore, Md


Furniture is one of the biggest expenses in your Baltimore home. It is important to know the ways to clean you upholstery the correct way.

Caring for Upholstery can be done easily using these tips. 

You can increase the life of upholstery by following a few simple rules:

tucson-upholstery-cleaning1. Removing dirt that becomes embedded in the fibers of your couches by vacuuming or brushing weekly avoids problems.

2. Turn around and reverse loose cushions every week to allow even distribution of wear and tear.

3. You should clean any stains and spots immediately. 

4. If you have a large family, consider using nylon covers for your upholstery. It is a longest lasting solution to remove most stains easily.

Cleaning Upholstery in Baltimore, Md

You should clean your upholstery with a cleaner that is specifically for that purpose. There are some chemicals that leave sticky remains and contain harsh chemicals, and these

should be avoided. Getting a cleaning solution that cleans, remove stains and control odors is a good choice. It saves you time and money.

•Always vacuum or brush lightly your upholstery first to remove dust and loose hair.

•Apply the cleaner and brush firmly any stained areas.

•Wait for one minute or less then wipe away the cleaner with a damp cloth or sponge.

•Get your upholstery dry while cleaning it to avoid damage. Open a window or use air condition and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Identify Stains

Before trying to remove a stain from your upholstered furniture, you need to know the type of fabric you have. Most manufacturers put cleaning codes on the furniture hangtag or

label. These codes tell you the best way to clean and remove stains. Here is a list of those codes:

•WS:fabric may be cleaned with water-based cleaning agents and foams, as well as with mild, water-free dry cleaning solvents.

•W:use water-based cleaning agents or foams only.

•S:use only mild, water-free dry cleaning solvents.

•X:do not use foam or liquid agents on this fabric. You can vacuum or brush lightly to remove soil and grime.

Removing Stains

You should inspect your upholstery for spots and stains and identify your problem areas. Usually a good cleaner can clean and work on removing the stains as well. But for the

tough and sticky stains like grease, crayon, gum, and ink, treat the stain first before cleaning. A great option to use is a powerful solvent containing citrus , which breaks down tough stains easily leaving fresh smell.

•Always pre-treat stains first for color fastness in an inconspicuous area.

•Spray directly on stain and let stand for 30 seconds.

•Scrub lightly with a brush and let is sit for 2 to 4 minutes.

•Clean with a damp sponge or rinse with water. If stain persists, repeat treatment and rewash.

To remove stains from non-washable upholstery, use an effective product made especially for dry cleanable fabrics . It is an excellent pre-treater with a lot of convenience and

ease of use. Spray the soiled part and blot immediately from outside to the center, to avoid the clean part from leaving a mark.