Water Damage Where can I find out more? in Baltimore, Md.


Water Damage: Where can I find published standards for the restoration industry?You can find out more about industry standards through either the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) at www.iicrc.org or the Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration (ASCR) at www.ascr.org.What is psychrometry?Psychrometry is the science and practice associated with atmospheric air mixtures, their evaluation, control and effect on material and comfort. In other words, psychrometry is the study of how water vapor (among other gases) affects materials and how it can be controlled.What's GPP?GPP stands for Grains Per Pound. In simple terms, a grain is unit of measurement for weight. It is used to determine the specific amount of water present in a pound of air. On average, one pound of air has a volume of 14 cubic feet and a weight of 7000 grains. This means that one grain equals 1/7000th of a pound. GPP shows the actual weight of water vapor in the air. It is often referred to as specific humidity or humidity ratio.What is dewpoint?Dewpoint is the temperature at which air holds all the water vapor it can possibly contain. If the temperature drops below dewpoint the air must "give up" water vapor in the form of condensation.Refrigerant dehumidifiers operate on the principle of dewpoint. Moisture-laden air passes over cold evaporator coils. The cold coils lower the temperature of the air below its dewpoint. Moisture condenses on the coils and drains into the pan to be pumped outHow do I know when the structure is dry?You can only be certain of a dry structure by taking thorough measurements with moisture detection instruments http://www.dri-eaz.com/PRODUCTS/Instruments.html. All affected materials should be returned to pre-loss condition within 4 percent (or points) of dry standard for your area.My hardwood floor is starting to cup or crown. What can I do?Cupping or crowning are indications of abnormal moisture content in hardwoods. It also tells you the location of the majority of the moisture. Cupping occurs when there is surplus moisture on the bottom of the wood. Crowning occurs when there is more moisture on top.If you notice cupping or crowing, you should begin drying the floor as soon as possible. By reducing the moisture content of wood materials quickly and early you can reverse the cupping or crowning process.How can I best prevent mold?Your best defense against mold is to keep the structure clean and dry.What is PPE?PPE stands for Personal Protection Equipment. Depending on the type of restoration work you do, it may include safety goggles, respirator, rubber gloves, hard hat and a HAZMAT suit.

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