Ways to build trust and get clients in Baltimore, Md

5 Reasons people don’t buy from you in Baltimore, Md

- No want

- No need

- No hurry

- No money

- No trust

The last of these is the biggest of all. If you can’t get their trust they will not buy. So how do we build trust?  Instead of broadcasting about you tune in to what she wants. She doesn’t care about your super sucker, your chemicals, or your sales. She wants to know what you can do for her carpet, for her stains and for her family. You build trust by what you say and what you do. When you meet someone for the first time you’re none verbal skills are the most important. By communicating your attitudes and feelings. It has been proven in communication 7% of what you say, 38% of how you say it, and 55% your body language makes up these skills.  There are four areas here you can work on:

1.    Appearance

2.    Posture

3.    Eye contact

4.    Facial expression

Appearance you don’t need to spend a lot of money. You do need to dress for the clients you want. These tend to include nice shirt with name, Maybe patches of associations, clean pants and shoes, clean and pleasant smelling. Your posture should be erect and confident, stand about 3 feet back when introducing yourself. You should make constant eye contact 3-5 seconds at a time. If someone won’t look me in the eye I think they are hiding something! What about you? Your facial expressions should match what you are saying. All of these go with you being pleasant and believable. Practice this with a co-worker or friend. 

      Next you want to be customer focused; some people have trouble with this.  So Zig Ziglar taught the PIN method to be able to get information out and to get her needs in. PIN stands for: Person, Interest, and Needs.  So after you have introduced yourself and have been invited in you point out something interesting to her; unique landscaping, bush, flower yard sign.Then start asking questions. These should be open ended questions: Who?, What?, Why?, When?, Where?, and How,. You should come up with some of these for yourself there is no just ask these questions, you have to read the customer and get a feel. Here are some suggestions: Why are you having your carpets cleaned? When was the last time? What was spilled? How were the carpets cleaned last? If you feel some resistance from the client you may not want to ask a lot of questions and just go into the needs. Ask for her to show you her concerns, ask about pets and kids show interest. These things will all help build trust by letting her know you care about her needs and her interests for me this comes naturally because I really to care about people. Some people have to work at this because it is just a job. Don’t let this be you or your employees. You will get to know her as a person not just a buyer. If you do this you begin to have clients not just a buyer.