What is Carpet Wear? in Baltimore, Md


When you look at your carpet is the wear obvious? Hmmm…well what is meant by the term, “wear” as it relates to carpet?Actually wear as it pertains to carpet is missing fiber from the carpet pile.

Often what is thought of as wear is really not wear! Surprised? Maybe many professional carpet cleaners do not understand the difference between wear and abrasion either, so don’t feel bad.

What is thought of as wear is actually called pile distortion. The fibers are no longer square and their shape has changed. Because their shape has changed they reflect differently and seem to look a little darker that the fibers that are undistorted. Since they are now always darker they look darker even after cleaning.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner to maintain your carpets every 6-18 months will minimize the chance of having distored and damaged fibers. Superior Steam Cleaners recommends having you carpets cleaned every 6-12 months. We even offer 1/2 price cleaning if done every 6 months. Call now 443-277-7265